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  • Why winter is a great time to list your home

    Why winter is a great time to list your home

    Many people think they should wait for spring to list their home. I hear it all the time. “My house looks better then”…. “The yard looks great then”…… Every house looks better then… and so does every yard. Even my weed filled yard looks better in the spring once the weeds fill in the bare spots.

    Winter is a great time to sell. First off, not everyone gets to choses when they move. Buyers look all year long. There are fewer of them but the ones that are looking now are serious and motivated. Browsers wait until spring.

    When you come on the market, you stand out because fewer come on in any given day. In the spring, yours is just one of many and may be overlooked.

    You know who your competition is now and at the end of the year are many over priced listings that are stale… so yours will pop! You don’t know what your competition will be in the spring or what the prices will be.

    And this point should be obvious… long as your home is not on the market, you will not sell. Take advantage of the demand that exists now!

    Call me if you want to discuss a personalized a plan to meet your needs at 845.629.3504.

  • Welcome to Katheryn’s thoughts on Real Estate

    Welcome to Katheryn’s thoughts on Real Estate

    I have been saying for some time now that I need to start a blog. Now, all the thoughts that occupy my brain will move to “virtual” paper. As a result, they will be able to help you as you buy or sell one of your largest assets.

    Twenty-two years as a REALTOR have given me critical knowledge. I have excelled in sellers’ markets, buyers’ markets, and the transitional market in between. I have seen it all, both the good and the bad. Those experiences enabled me to serve my clients as a trusted advocate and a skilled problem solver. You need and deserve all that too!

    In this blog, you will find valuable tips to help you navigate an often confusing and complicated real estate marketplace. I hope you find it enlightening, educational, and entertaining!

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