Many people think they should wait for spring to list their home. I hear it all the time. “My house looks better then”…. “The yard looks great then”…… Every house looks better then… and so does every yard. Even my weed filled yard looks better in the spring once the weeds fill in the bare spots.

Winter is a great time to sell. First off, not everyone gets to choses when they move. Buyers look all year long. There are fewer of them but the ones that are looking now are serious and motivated. Browsers wait until spring.

When you come on the market, you stand out because fewer come on in any given day. In the spring, yours is just one of many and may be overlooked.

You know who your competition is now and at the end of the year are many over priced listings that are stale… so yours will pop! You don’t know what your competition will be in the spring or what the prices will be.

And this point should be obvious… long as your home is not on the market, you will not sell. Take advantage of the demand that exists now!

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